Café, Prague Holešovice

The café was completed during a 3-day period, and the goal was for this space to be beyond multifunctional. The central bar tops are movable, all it takes is simply moving them out of the way to effortlessly create a lecture room. For this project, we also did some of the upholstery work, including the benches and decorative pillows.

Completion of Café in Prague, Holešovice

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Banh-mi-ba, Prague

We finished this project in 2 nights; we worked with the small space and built a tailor-made worktop of artificial stone. Our work can also be seen in the baguette piece, which was made out of a high pressure laminate using the CNC machine. The heron symbol on the right side of the counter was also made of a high pressure laminate, this time using a water jet.