First-class furniture, handling and tight deadlines, a responsible assembly team, and flexible communication with the client. This is our standard.

We are a family business

In 2020, our company, ANTERIA, met all the requirements of the Definition of a Family Business, approved by Government Resolution No. 330 on 13. 5. 2019, and for entry in the Register of Family Enterprises of the Czech Republic, maintained by the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic. A family business is a guarantor of the stability of the national economy, an important source of jobs, and it provides for a significant share of the GDP. Therefore, family businesses strengthen the position of the Czech Republic amongst its global competition.

We founded ANTERIA in 2006 as a design office, where we completed designs for furnishing laboratories. You could say that ANTERIA originally operated as a “turn-key” operation; we ordered furniture from the supplier and ordinated its delivery and assembly. Even in these early days, we received orders from the laboratories of primary schools and colleges, all the way to the specialized laboratories of pharmaceutical companies. Founding the e-shop raised our sales, however, we still didn’t own our own machines and were dependent on other suppliers. 

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With time we realized that those who supplied us with the furniture and semi-finished products weren’t keeping up with the contractual deadlines. This led us to the acquisition of our own CNC machines and the building of our own products. Thanks to these improvements, we started completing projects and even meeting the demands of atypical commercial spaces. At the same time, we started working faster and at a quality level that we could set ourselves. ANTERIA is now universal, operating in 3 commercial directions. The first being our production of furniture for commercial spaces. The second is our standardized furniture, which can fit both in a single personal office and in large “open-plan” office areas. The third direction is our cooperation with external architects and production companies, whom we help by covering their short capacities. Most important for us is our relationships with our clients. We build long-term relationships with our clients and we’re even capable of providing extra services for them, something we consider to be the key factor of our success for many reasons. For example, due to corporate processes, approval can take a long time and we often run into particularly short deadlines by the time the final realization phase has been reached.

As a family business, however, we are flexible and frequently capable of doing the impossible, assuming the given situation requires it. For the client, we always do the maximum and everything comes together as it should. I would summarize it as first-class furniture, handling and tight deadlines, a responsible assembly team, and flexible communication with the client, which has become our standard.

When we ask our clients why they work with us, they say they feel we get along on a human level. That kind of chemistry is also important. We know how to solve problems, anticipate what might happen, and notify our clients of any possible risks. We’re able to uncover and deal with technological overlaps. We go the extra mile for our clients. For example, we can save them time and money by communicating with them, even regarding matters that don’t directly relate to our business.

“Going the extra mile” makes the difference

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