Bespoke furniture for commercial premises

Furniture for commercial premises must meet the strict requirements of clients and emphasizes precise technical solutions. Furniture for shops is made of durable materials that can cope with large numbers of visitors, intensive use and also fulfil the designer's artistic brief. The installation of furniture in commercial spaces must be done well and, above all, quickly - often overnight so as not to disturb other visitors. We have extensive experience in the delivery of furniture to shopping centres and retail spaces.

Optics Leony Matouškové, Vladislav

We are a bunch of carpenters from Vysočina, and we like to work for clients from our region. This time we unpacked our carpentry workshop in Vladislav, just outside Třebíč. We have furnished Leona Matoušková's new, elegant optics store there. We equipped the store's interior with modern custom-made furniture based on our design. Our carefully prepared visualizations of the interior helped the owner to make a decision. We took care of the complete furniture assembly for the store and the examination room. We installed a practical kitchen with a built-in refrigerator in the back of the store. We hid the necessary technical equipment that is a part of the building in a custom design cabinet. During the implementation of this order, we thought of every detail. When choosing the armchairs made of transparent plastic, we were inspired by the clear lenses of the glasses, as well as the elegant frames and their clearly defined lines., Prague

Our most important task was to disassemble the original furniture and replace it with something new within a 3-day time frame. We completed this project in time, as even the tightest of deadlines aren’t a problem for us.

Optika Čížková, Prague

For this project, we made 700 pieces of unique eyeglass holders in order to meet the client’s specific vision. Partner, Velké Meziříčí

Redesign the Partner branch in Velké Meziříčí? The most challenging part was fitting the furniture to the cloister, which gave the room its atypical shape.

Completed Partner in Velké Meziříčí

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Banh-mi-ba, Prague

We finished this project in 2 nights; we worked with the small space and built a tailor-made worktop of artificial stone. Our work can also be seen in the baguette design, which was made out of a high pressure laminate using the CNC machine. The heron symbol on the right side of the counter was also made of a high pressure laminate, this time using a water jet., Prague Háje, Brno

One of the first completed projects for the retail branch in Brno.