Customized office furniture

If you have limited space or want to make an original impression, customized office furniture is a good solution. Bespoke furniture adapts to the specific space and aesthetic plan. Atypical furniture allows you to hide the technical equipment of the room and also to use the space that modular furniture cannot adapt to. It is more time consuming to implement, but it will pay off. Bespoke furniture will give you maximum storage space.

Wiedermann Law Office, Brno

Together with PREMIER Interiors, we delivered a unique set of cabinets divided by a glass partition and representative desks to the Wiedermann law office in Brno. Furniture for a law office must look serious and elegant just like a good lawyer. And we have succeeded. The large and heavy cabinet is made without visible joints from high-quality, double-sided laminated material. During assembly, we handled the cabinet with six people. And the office desks are also worthy of note, which are made of a custom-welded steel structure. Such a desk can withstand even the most difficult cases.

Offices, Brno

For PREMIER interiors company with which we have been cooperating for a long time, we have implemented office equipment for a total of 45 people. It was interesting for this contract that we provided almost more production of metal elements than wooden furniture. The biggest challenge was the metal wall with lacquered sliding doors and other types of panels such as expanded metal, perforated sheet metal. Atypical are also metal doors for mobile cabinets with expanded metal filling, we actually had to develop the subtlety of all metal elements. As for the furniture that changes in the photos, we use a new type of our tables with the construction type "O" and we produce screen holders.

Business Success classroom, Prague, Prague Holešovice

We truly know how to make beautiful and comfortable open-plan offices that are a joy to work in. Proof of this can be seen in our work for